3 Home Security Automation Basics You Should Follow

by Jack Walker Realtor 07/22/2021

The right security system can go a long way to both deter criminals from breaking in or stop them in their tracks if they do. We'll look at trends in home security automation that you should know. 

1. Home Security Is Becoming More Uniform 

There are plenty of workaround solutions for hiccups these days, but the trend is to streamline it all. If you're not at home, you don't need your video camera to be delayed because you have the wrong smartphone. You need to see (and potentially talk to) the person while they're still on your doorstep. The best home security experiences are had when all your devices are fully integrated. 

2. Home Security Becomes More Versatile 

Video security made it possible to greet well-wishers and have a conversation without allowing them into the home. These benefits have made contactless security more valuable, with features like facial recognition and voice commands rising in popularity. 

3. More People Are Cutting the Cord 

Cord cutting is not a recent phenomenon, but it's becoming more popular as Wi-Fi continues to improve. This trend is recommended particularly for homes that have a more expensive wired security system and want to cut back on their costs.

Today's high-speed rates can essentially handle nearly any setup, even if your home is filled with multiple devices all competing for the same bandwidth. Plus, this cord-cutter home security is proven to be effective, regardless of how large your home is, where it's located and what kind of perks you're looking for. 

Home security automation is a part of a larger trend of home automation. Multiple systems are being merged into more comprehensive hubs for the homeowner. For instance, your home security system isn't just about keeping criminals at bay, but also saving your home from fires, floods and anything else that might harm you or the people inside the home.