Making Wall Art From Reclaimed Wood

by Jack Walker Realtor 04/07/2022

Wood seemingly past its prime is being reclaimed to create awe-inspiring walls and other interior design elements. Part of the reclaimed popularity revolves around the language we use to describe it. Although tidying up lumber and using it for a second purpose is nothing new, it became trendy under monikers such as vintage, upcycled and refurbished. These days, many call it reclaimed. Reclaimed wood delivers a warm feel and natural luster rarely found in newly processed materials. Here are some ways you can integrate reclaimed wood to create a rustic masterpiece of their own.

Add Contrast to Modern Interiors

Homeowners who favor a contemporary decor sometimes find too much of a good thing can get dull. Bright white walls and recessed lighting can certainly make a living space feel spacious and warm. By that same token, contrast helps to visually enhance the modern feel. That's why you can overlay one wall with repurposed pine boards. The salvaged lumber can be sanded down to remove any unsightly areas. Typically, a light satin stain with golden or subtle reds can rejuvenate the wood's natural grain and color.

Create a Rustic Accent Wall

Some people shy away from repurposed lumber because it can be a tad catch-as-catch-can. In other words, handy DIY homeowners end up with a pile of differently aged and sized boards. Although this may seem unenviable, those differences can prove to be a tremendous asset.

Consider selecting three different colored stains that include a light gray, complementary light brown, and dark mahogany. Review your materials and identify materials based on how dense the grain appears and the lumber's darkness. As wood ages, it often darkens and feels denser. Stack the boards in three rows based on dark, medium and light texture. After sanding and prepping the wood, stain them with the best-suited stain to bring out the natural beauty.

Take the boards and begin setting them horizontally from floor to ceiling like a jigsaw puzzle. There's no right way to complement and contrast the boards, so use your intuition and be creative. Once they are secured to the wall, cut trim from the remaining lumber.

Try a Dark Rustic Faux Wall

Not everyone will want to tear down sheetrock and replace it with reclaimed wood. The good news is that removal and replacement are not entirely necessary to enjoy the benefits of vintage wood walls.

Some interior decor professionals employ the materials the way a painting or tapestry is commonly presented. You can place sturdy horizontal wooden mounts on one wall to serve as a way to secure a series of reclaimed lumber running vertically. The planks running top to bottom often offer a dark contrast to off-white walls, yellows and other light-colored interiors. The faux wall can add visual interest in the same way a large art piece would.

An entire market revolving around reclaimed wood has emerged, making access to materials increasingly simple. Homeowners can select from reconditioned lumber that can deliver a consistent outcome. You can also rummage up boards and do the refurbishing work if you like a surprise ending. Either way, adding a reclaimed masterpiece improves the aesthetic enjoyment of your living space.