5 Reasons You Need an Indoor Greenhouse

by Jack Walker Realtor 08/04/2022

Without outdoor space, gardening might feel impossible. Even raised beds on small patios won’t give you the space you need to grow all of your favorite veggies, herbs and other plants. However, one option is to use your indoor space instead. By creating an indoor greenhouse you can enjoy gardening no matter what your outdoor space is like. Here are some key benefits of indoor greenhouses you should consider:

Full Control Over Environmental Conditions

Just like with an outdoor greenhouse, having an indoor greenhouse allows you to create and maintain a specific m micro climate for your plants. By adding grow lights you can create sunshine as many hours of the day that you need. You can also add miniature humidifiers or useoisture-evaporation techniques to keep humidity-loving plants thriving. Since a greenhouse is a closed environment, you can also control the temperature far more easily than you could outdoors or even with houseplants.

Easier Pest Control & Treatment

Having an indoor greenhouse won’t prevent pests but it makes them much easier to deal with. Whether you have mold caused by too much humidity or insect pests like gnats, spider mites and mealybugs you can treat all of your plants at once in a concentrated location. By gardening in a small enclosed space, you can eradicate and protect against future pest problems far more easily than you could in a sprawling outdoor garden.

Grow a Wide Variety of Plants

The ability to control specific environmental conditions expands the list of plants you can grow inside. Houseplant enthusiasts who struggle to keep delicate tropical varieties alive and happy will love being able to set the specific parameters for plants to thrive. If you live in an especially dry area and have trouble keeping the humidity high enough for calatheas, alocasias or other high-maintenance houseplants, an indoor greenhouse is an enormous benefit.

Enjoy an Edible Garden

Besides finicky tropical plants, edible plants are perfect for indoor greenhouses. You don’t need to have a huge backyard in order to enjoy growing your own veggies, herbs and even fruits for your kitchen. Herbs grow quickly and easily in greenhouse conditions, as do leafy greens like kale, spinach and arugula. You can also grow your own onions, carrots and even tiny tomatoes with enough light.

Freedom to Customize

Finally, an often overlooked but still important benefit of indoor greenhouses is the freedom to customize and decorate them how you wish. A mini greenhouse can be just as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful, especially if well lit and organized. Try adding fairy lights for a fun and whimsical touch or use a stylish vintage curio case as your base structure. With an indoor greenhouse, you can have a garden and beautiful home décor all at once.